In August 2019 the Erasmus University organized the “Gender in Research Summer Course“. During this summer school, young researchers learned how sex and gender can be included in the various phases of the research process. During this Summer School, the researchers worked in subgroups to develop an innovative project to inform, motivate, and activate our colleagues and institutions where we work to adequately consider sex and gender in research. Our team (Marijn van Wingerden, Els van der Ven, Ana Mikolic, Jessica Gong and I) was one of the two  €8000,- Gender in Research Award winners, that allowed us to develop the “Gender Quest”, an online game to stimulate researchers to perform more sex- and gender-sensitive research.

In “The Quest for Better Research,” the players are stimulated to critically think about sex- and gender in their research, and are given tools on how to perform more sex- and gender-sensitive research. The information included in this game mainly comes from the website as well as several peer-reviewed scientific publications. Play the game to test your knowledge and read the references below if you want to know more!

Follow this link to play the game